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Family Nurse Practioner

  • Lancaster, California, United States
  • Full-Time

Job Description

Under the direction of Health Center’s Chief Medical Officer, Supervising Physician and within the defined scope of services established by the Health Center’s Board of Directors, Family Nurse Practitioner shall provide primary care clinical services including the following professional services:

1. Clinical Duties. Family Nurse Practitioner shall skillfully perform and document those duties customarily performed by Family Nurse Practitioner specializing, which shall include, but not be limited to the following as medically necessary and clinically appropriate or legally required:

• Taking patient histories and conducting clinically appropriate physical examinations, formulating diagnoses and proper coding of such, ordering appropriate diagnostic tests, and prescribing and order medication, procedures and follow-up care as warranted.
• Maintenance of appropriate, legible, and timely written patient records, which shall at all times be suitable for use by CEO/CMO for auditing purposes and strict adherence to Health Center’s policies regarding the custody of patient charts.
• Completion of comprehensive and accurate billing records, including but not limited to compliance with applicable definitions, policies, laws and industry standards relating to proper coding of diagnoses, procedures, goods and services provided during the course of patient care.
• Completion of properly submitted information requests.
• Participation in professional education programs which will maintain and advance professional and staff patient-care skills and programs which will educate patients and their families.
• Participation in activities directed towards improving the professional care rendered by other Providers and Health Center, including such peer and utilization review and other programs as Health Center shall designate from time to time during the term of this Agreement.
• Quota will be to see a minimum of 18 patients per day on an 8 hour shift or a minimum of 24 patients per day for 10 hour shift.
• Provide and maintain written documentation in the patient’s electronic health records (EHR) as services are provided, documentation must be completed by the same day of the visit in the patients EHR. All required reports, forms etc. will needed to be completed as required by our grant/funders regulations. Ensure documentation for the patient’s visit is completed in a daily basis, the NP will ensure that all required documentation for meaningful use is captured and documented

How to Apply

email resume' directly to: mcummings@bachc.org

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